Somewhere in Thailand

I am sitting here in, for what to most of the world would look like a luxurious hotel. We are in Thailand, a six hour drive east of Bangkok yesterday brought us to Surin province and today we head south to a Leprosy colony where we will be teaching english, playing sport and generally having some fun with the locals.
I have some troubles with the aparent contrast in where we are staying and the life stayles of those we are working with. Not very incarnational, but I guess it is a learning journey for us all. I am slowly challenging our team on some of these issues. Like for example…the first place we went to for a meal in Bangkok yesterday was non other than The Burger King!@(*&*$
But for some of our team this is not only the first experience of overseas travel but for one guy his first time on a plane, so I think I can let them off on this one 🙂
I did refuse to eat…then again I refuse to eat this in Perth too!
I am also going to try to resist turning on my TV for the week, and using my mini bar…and the pool!
More later, have to run!


2 thoughts on “Somewhere in Thailand

  1. what concerns me more than burger king is that you are teaching people english – or as you say “eanglish”!!!

    me love you long time.

  2. eating Burger King in preference to Somtam (Papaya Salad) or Kai yang kap khaw niaw (BBQ Chicken and sticky rice) or any other Thai food for that matter is JUST INSANE!! what a shame

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