Wendell Berry – A Man We Should Know About

I have heard much from this guy, Eugene Petersen goes as far as saying that he is one of the seven most influential writers on spiritual theology. I have read some of Berry’s essays but feel I would like to read more of his stuff, particularly on the environment. How is this for a quote –

“Christianity and the Survival of Creation” Berry writes, “Throughout the 500 years since Columbus’s first landfall in the Bahamas, the evangelist has walked beside the conqueror and the merchant, too often blandly assuming that his cause was the same as theirs. Christian organizations, to this day, remain largely indifferent to the rape and plunder of the world. …” But Berry allows that this Christian complicity “comes from an inadequate understanding of the Bible.”

The full context and great article come from this blog here.


One thought on “Wendell Berry – A Man We Should Know About

  1. Hi Scotty,

    Wendell is one of my favorite people. I have a lot of his books if you want to borrow them.

    As far as I am concerned, he provides one of the most grounded looks at a Christian spirituality that responds appropriately towards the Creation.

    I think he should be much more well known in Australia and I’m stoked that you’re getting into him.



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