Winter Close – Hugh Mackay

Social researcher Hugh Mackay wrote a little known book called Winter Close about a lonely middle aged man who takes a curious and even obsessive interest in the lives of the people in his street (Winter Close). I just fininshed it last night, a book you need to read in one or two sittings.

80% of us Aussies live in the burbs and this book captures as only Mackay can do, the very heart of the average Aussie, our heart for ‘the good life’ in the country, our curiosity about what’s happening over the road, our longing for deeper connection, yet retaining our ‘personal space’ and so on.
From where I am at in my street I had many a good laugh as this guy reflects on life in his street in Sydney.

Let me finish this has he finishes his book –
There could perhaps be something to the idea that life’s mystery is sweet, even when it’s painful;trying too hard to make sense of it might be to miss the point.


4 thoughts on “Winter Close – Hugh Mackay

  1. Hey Vawz – thanks for posting on my site. I agree – a great read. So much stuff in there about the things you discussed and all the former/budding relationships that there is something that will call out to most people. Have you read any of the other Mackay novels? There’s one about political life called The Spin and another called House Guest. There’s one more I haven’t been able to get my hands on. Can’t believe he’s only written four!


  2. No I have not read any of his other novels, I would be interested, might check them out, thanks for the tip.
    I have read some of his other stuff like “Reinventing Australian” and “Right from Wrong”.

  3. that last sentence resonates with where i’m at today…

    hey, remember that old blog called ‘a road less travelled’ ? does that guy still have one?
    – aunty charie!

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