Funny Seeing You Here

Just after I sent that last post about Steve Hinks’ (New ACOM Principal) thoughts on the blog who should walk past me at the Sydney Airport but Keith Farmer, the former ACOM Principal! He was on the same flight as me to Perth to mentor…ME! And a few other guys he mentors here. The conversation about his forthcoming book that followed was amazing…this guy has some thoughts that Australia needs to sit up and listen to. In fact in the 2 months he has had it in for editing he has got enough more material to write another one. The theme … well it’s dangerous and along the lines of the Bible Society research that I blogged about earlier this week and also along the lines of some of Barna’s research due to be released in his forthcoming book Revolutions – the guy is a prophet…please don’t stone him church, we have done a bit of that in our history!


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