Mere Discipleship

Just finished the book I’ve been reading for ever!! It’s taken about 4 weeks to get through but it was worth it. There is almost not a page that escaped my pen.
Here is a quote from the last page I liked –

If the good news is the presence of the Kingdom of God, then “evangelism” is much more than “saving souls”. Evangelism means sharing and showing to the world how to realistically, faithfully, and creatively respond to the real needs of a world laboring under ongoing rebelion. Evangelism means living according to the ways of the Kingdom of God and inviting others to join us on the way. Evangelism is not selling Jesus, but showing Jesus; evangelism is not mere telling about Christ, but about being Christ. The prophet Zechariah envisioned the day in which the nations and peoples of the world would hear the news of the reign of God; and they would receive it not because of arm-twisting or guilt-preaching, but because they would recognize it at good news.

Lee C. Camp, Mere Discipleship pg 192


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