Money To Throw Away…$$$

I feel like there is a conspiracy out there to get me! Over my life I have had very few speeding or parking fines, very few!

I buy a scooter, and decide it will be a nice leisurely life riding around on my Vespa. But since getting this scooter I have gained a total of 4, maybe 5 speeding fines and a parking fine! (Admittedly only 3 of them were on the Scooter, but the story sounded good!)

I got one in a hire car in Sydney a few months ago, it cost me $400!

The other day I was humming along on my scooter on Edgewater drive not more that 300m from the same spot I got my last scooter fine and I zoom past a camera. NOT a problem, I am on a bike, and cameras only can take a photo out the front…right? Well I had hear a rumour they had fancy cameras to catch hoons on motor bikes, cameras that snap your rear number plate, but surely this was just a story…right? WRONG!

They got me doing 59 in a 50 zone – bugga! No demerit points but another $75!!


One thought on “Money To Throw Away…$$$

  1. (As u can c, I came to check out your blog while the the office reception is quiet). You do know 50 & 40 zones r there to protect our children? That always helps me slow down.

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