Graduation Complete

Last night I officially received my Degree in Theology. At South Perth Church of Christ I was presented with the BTh by Professor Ray Nobbs of the Sydney College of Divinity and now…I feel…the same as I did the day before actually!
But I got to wear a hat and a black dress and a coloured hooded cape like thing. But one day if I study and don’t have a life I could get to wear what the Prof got to wear last night!
I am reading the DaVinci Code at the moment and I couldn’t help but get images of cultic men making sacrifices in gold trimmed gowns! (Think back to Dragnet with Tom Hanks Dan Akroid and the pagan ceremony…just a classic movie!) . Well all is ended. It was great to have some family there, I guess I include the Bartletts in that too, those guys are family! The Prof asked me (again) if I would complete my Masters by the end of next year…I said no. He asked if I would be doing further study with the intent of aiming at a PhD. I said, “Well I am thinking about some study, but I don’t think it will get me a PhD, I was thinking about going to TAFE to do a woodworking course…”
He was silent.


6 thoughts on “Graduation Complete

  1. Well done. It is awesome that you have finished your theology studies. I pray that God will bless you as you continue to minister to people in the wonderful way that you do; by just being yourself and building relationships. You’re an inspiration to us all. God bless… Melanie Underwood

  2. Congrats mate. Look forward to catchin up again next week. See if I have lost my new found addiction to blogging by then.


  3. Albert Einstein would be so proud of ya Vawz ! Great you had mates there to witness the big event with your family. Keep up the awesome work, you are clearly forging ahead to know Jesus more and more. Great stuff!

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