Optus and my $340 Bill

I have an iPhone…as you may know.

I have access to the internet and email on my iPhone

I have a $340 bill this month.

But on closer inspection of my bill, it is not my number that has the iphone account, it is some other number.

In fact my phone number still has my old phone contract on it that was supposed to be canceled  when I bought the iPhone. As you could imagine, a non data plan account would peak out very quickly when using the internet regularly, thinking that I had half a gig of data usage up my sleeve!

So I have 2 ammounts on the bill, one for some number I have never heard of which is on my iPhone plan for $60, and one to my phone number on my old plan for $247.00

BUT – when I rang the billing enquiries they admitted there was an issue, even that a mistake had been made and put me through to another department…I was cut off in the process.

I rang again…told my story…again. The lady asked why I did not use my new number, “I don’t HAVE a new number!” She asked “why did you not put your new SIM into your phone?”

I did not get a new SIM!! I did not want one! I just wanted a new plan on my old number with a new phone!

“I will need to put you through to sales, this is their problem” …aghh I just got cut off from them!

Finally I get through to a machine…I punched in all my codes and requests…and get through to another machine…we are closed for the weekend…bye bye…beep beep beep.