Oh Bugga

I stuffed up bad and now I need your help to get me out of this mess!

Many years ago I set up a MS Access Data Base at Whitford Church which I bought from a guy in Melbourne. It is a pretty good db.

Recently they asked me to come and clean it up a bit. So I brought in a new version to install (it has a back end on the server and all) But I could not do it, it was beyond me.

So I just put everything back where I found it…and thought I could just walk away…ahghhhh nope!

They can’t use the database at all now and I can’t fix it, so

CAN YOU HELP ME? Are you in Perth? Will you be able to come and do it? I will buy you some chocolate, I can’t promise you money, I am asking the Church about paying someone some money, so there might, I say might, be some money in it. It would not just be about fixing my stuff ups, but also about installing the new version and transferring data across to it.

The guy in Melb is willing to work with you on it all.