Great Moments In History

Apple Mac

How ironic … an hour after I posted the below comments about loving my Apple Mac – it crashed! Big time, it wont start and it is making a crunching sound on the inside, simialr to the sound of teeth grinding, which mine are doing right now 😦

I Love My Mac

I do indeed love the Apple Mac!

I use Firefox as a browser, I know there is probably more argument over what people use as a browser than if people use a Mac or the other sort of computer.

But I love having no mouse on my laptop! I love keyboard shortcuts!

So here, for those Mac / Firefox users are some great keyboard tips in case you were wondering –

1. ⌘ + l = focus address bar.

2. ⌘ + d = bookmark current page.

3. ⌘ + k = focus google search bar. (I like this)

4. ⌘ + f = find.

5. ⌘ + g = find next.

6. ⌘ + t = new tab.

7. ⌘ + w = close current tab. (one I never used but will now)

8. ⌘ + shift + t = reopen accidentally closed tab (Best one ever!).

9. crtl + tab = tab through tabs.

10. crtl + shift + tab = tab backwards through tabs