Serve God Save The Planet

Our group is still doing this as a study, but today I finished the read. It was an easy read as far as getting through it, but a tough read as far as applying some of the changes recommended to make to make a difference to our environment.

Our group has taken one or two things very seriously and have a major project in mind, I will share some of this later.
But also we have shared many things that we can do as individuals in our own homes and lifelstyles that really can make a difference.

I suggest that this is a good read for Christians who believe God still loves our planet, our eco systems etc as well as our people.

A Quote

If our life is poured out in useless words,
we will never hear anything,
will never become anything,
and in the end,
because we have said everything before we had anything to say,
we shall be left speechless at the moment of our greatest decision.
— Thomas Merton,
Thoughts in Solitude, p.90

Death By Suburb

Some time ago I commented on a book called Death By Suburb.
I found this book last week in Adelaide and couldn’t resist, despite the ridiculous $45 price tag!
I must confess it was worth every dollar spent. A great read. And one that I feel connected deeply to something of the heart beat of many…(Some?) in our group here in Joondalup.

The premise behind this book is a captivating one. Is life in the suburbs detrimental to a living faith? Goetz claims it can be but, with the intentional approach he outlines in this book, it does not have to be. We understand what he means: superficiality and sterility are the suburbia stereotype. In the pleasant bedroom communities of America, it can seem as if people are more concerned with tidy flowerbeds than they are the things that nurture the soul.

Interesting Ads Coming to Perth

Coupla years ago Bible Society did a very comprehensive survey and study about people’s perceptions of Church, Jesus, God and religion. I have a copy of these results and they are very telling. Out of this study has come an advertising campain drawing people to Jesus, rather than Church. Here is one of the ads, this one is aimed at the younger gen.
Their website is here.

Beyond Black & White: Dr. Lee Camp in Perth

Laura & Lee Camp with their boysJune 26th- to July 1st EPYC is hosting respected Biblical Ethicist and author, Dr. Lee Camp.

“Lee Camp is a voice of sanity and insight in a world torn by competing extremism. He is someone I listen to and learn from regularly.”

Brian McLaren (Hauerwas, McLaren, Boyd and Gardiner’s thoughts on Lee below)

I personally feel that Lee Camp’s work is one of the most accessible articulations of the prophetic alternatives to the damaging black and whiteness of fundamentalism and the boring greyness of liberalism. I sometimes joke that it’s Lee’s fault I was awarded the Donald Groom Peace Fellowship for founding EPYC and seek the kingdom while living in one of poorest areas of my city in Christian community. In contacting some friends and leaders I respect many are in agreement about the importance of Lee’s voice in today’s world:

Gregory A. Boyd“Lee Camp understands the humble nature of the Jesus-looking Kingdom and how it contrasts with post-Constantinian Christianity as profoundly as anyone I know. His book Mere Discipleship ranks as one of the best, if not the best, books on Kingdom discipleship I’ve ever read.”

– Dr. Gregory Boyd (Evangleical theologian, Senior Pastor and author of “Myth of a Christian Nation”)

Lee Camp fan, Stanley Hauerwas“We can laugh because Camp helps us see that the gospel, the good news, gives us good work that is a check against taking ourselves to seriously… Camp provides an account of discipleship that counters the widespread assumption that what it means to be a Christian is believing twenty absurd propositions before breakfast.”

-Stanley Hauerwas (Ethicst named “Amercia’s Best Theologian” by Time magazine)

Lee Camp fan, Brian McLaren“Lee Camp is a voice of sanity and insight in a world torn by competing extremism. He is someone I listen to and learn from regularly.”

– Brian McLaren (Christian Activist, Author, and Innovative thinker and leader)

Lee Camp fan, Darryl Gardiner“Lee Camp’s ‘Mere Discipleship’ was one of the most formative books I have read in the last few years. He gives a brilliant Biblical apologetic for “the way of Jesus” with amazing insights into history and the current situations we face. Lee Camp should be read and listened to.”

– Darryl Gardiner (Regular on New Zealand TV, former head of Youth For Christ and internationally sought after communicator)

Lee Camp’s talks for EPYC in Perth will include (June 26th– to July 1st):

Mere Discipleship New Norcia Retreat with Lee Camp

to confirm a place email:

wendi @

Mere Discipleship: An interview with Lee Camp at Riverview Church

These are another “empowering peacemakers” initiative of The Peace Tree Community and EPYC

Joondalup Thing Does Pentecost

We did our Pentecost celebration with a difference yesterday.
It was the 40th anniversary of the vote by 90% of white Aussies to include our indigenous people in the voting process. That is…they would no longer be counted as stock ie animals!
I can’t believe it was just 40 years ago, we have so much shame over our nation in the way we treat and have treated the owners of this land.

So we watched Rabbit Proof Fence with the kids as well, had some discussion followed by communion/lunch and then we dramatically read (with different people ‘playing’ the different parts) the story of the Holy Spirit coming in Acts 2 followed by Charlotte leading us in some Aboriginal style dot paintings of our own depictions of the Holy Spirit and His work.
Here are some – (Click on the images to see them full size)

Emerging Peace Church?

My mate Jarrod has been involved in the Anabaptist movement for a while. He writes some interesting things in this article on the place the movement is at in conjunction with the Christian peace movement.

Scot McKnight has said, “the sort of evangelicalism the Emerging Church Movement is striving for is anabaptist.” Anna who?! Many know I spend a lot of my time teaching, preaching, ranting and running workshops about eco-justice and confrontational nonviolence, as integral to an engaged gospel spirituality. What people might not be aware of is that I continue to encounter a growing movement of young people (not just young people!) who are deeply seeking to follow Jesus in ways that witness to God’s Reign. A spirituality of “justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” in the midst of a world where injustice, war and misery seem to reign…Read more here.

Guest Speaker in Perth

Many of you would have seen on Phil Baker’s blog
that Ray Gingerich is in town.

To have a Christian Ethicist like Dr. Ray Ginerich in town is an exciting and not to be missed opportunity for the church in Perth. Here is a link for all the events: click here.

Below is some more info:

Dr. Gingerich’s latest book “Transforming the Powers” brings together some of the greatest Christian thinkers and Biblical scholars in the world today including Walter Wink, Nancey Murphy and Glen Stassen to consider what Christ’s message means in our post-modern world.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to expose friends, family and seekers to a solid biblical, theological, spiritual and prophetic alternative to a violence infused Christianity, don’t miss:

+A violent God and a nonviolent Jesus?: Peacemaking in a World with
+Opposing Views of Power”+

with Dr. Ray Gingerich, Christian Ethicist, Peace Studies Scholar and Theologian

Sunday Evening (not Monday!)
7pm 29th April 2007

where: Scripture Union House, 82 Matlock St. Mt. Hawthorn

To confirm contact Andrew Suggested Donation: $10

For more details click here

Dr. Gingerich is in Australia to share what one of the most extended alternative nonviolent movements in church history (nearly 500 years!) has to contribute to a dynamic and faithful vision of Christianity for the 21st century. Come prepared to have your understanding of atonement, mission, church, the gospel and God challenged in light of the person of Jesus.

This is an amazing opportunity for Perth. Please let your networks know.