Some snaps from paddling

This is from the other morning early (before work, just in case you were wondering!) we went off Burns Beach and paddled out to the small island of rocks
just half a mile off the coast. We had Stuart, Casey, Matt and myself…oh and Sammy the seal!

Massive Paddle In Tasmania

Well the countdown is on to Paddle Tas 08!

I have been out every other day training for just over 3 weeks now. The gear pile is mounting up next to my bed.
I have more dry bags than I can poke a stick at. And obviously I used a wet bag last week with my phone in it – woops ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The warm clothing to sleep in and the warmer clothing to paddle in is being collected.

I have 2 sets of long thermals plus some other mid-range thermal gear.

I have been checking out some good food/menu sites for tips on good food to eat while we are away for 8 days.
If you are interested they are here and here.

Todays paddle saw us out at the rocks off Burns Beach with a great seal who was very inquisitive. He came right up to our boats and sniffed us! Stu took some snaps so I will post them when I can.

Matty B purchased his Finn Multi sport (Same as Casey’s) and christened it this morning. It was a tough day to bless a new boat, big swell and Matty struggled a bit but did well considering. You gotta work hard with cross waves.

Oh So Sad

I went for a paddle late this arvo…after the strong South Easterly was well and truly humming and the swell was thumping!
3 of us left the safety of the Hillarys marina walls and launched ourselves into massive breaking swell! We pushed and pushed for about and hour until we turned back to the harbour. Not far off the entrance I capsized and in trying to rescue me, Andrew went in too, Casey tried but with not effect and he said, “I think I will try to save myself, I have the youngest child” or something to that effect ๐Ÿ™‚
After trying to self rescue we humbled ourselves and asked a guy on a boat for help. (He had been sitting there waiting for me to swallow my pride!
Once safe back in the boat harbour I thought I would ring Chris to tell her of our adventure…anly to find my waterproof packet for the phone…was not! So I now have no phone, crap that was a good one!
But what a ride!
Saturday morning is the next trip, rotto in a couple of weeks!

Update on Kayak Trip

Well some of you may know about the “Scott Vawser memorial Kayak expedition”.
“I’m not dead yet…just turning 40…”

Due to me discovering I had more frequent flyer points than I thought I managed to get my trip to Tassie in Jan/Feb for free, this enabled me to spend my 40th birthday gift money on a training kayak, see post below.
We are not taking these from Perth (too pricey) and the drama we have had finding a way to hire Kayaks in Tasmania near where we are paddling is unbelievable!

Finally yesterday Neale M managed to find a shop near him in Melbourne who have promised to hire us the sweetest of boats, skirts, cags, paddles and PFD’s all at a ridiculously low price of $240 each for the week. Think about it – this is our transport and accommodation for 8 days in Tasmania, along with free air, I am getting off on a cheap trip! This shop Neale found has even offered to help stack the boats in such a way that we wont need to hire racks, the ones on the guy’s cars are good enough he said.

So midnight on Sat 25th Jan we fly out from Perth, myself, Andrew and Stuart, we meet with the 4 from Melbourne in Devonport after they exit the ferry with the boats.
Then we head on down to wet and windy Straughn on the wild west Coast to head out after lunch for a paddle across the mouth of the Maquarrie harbor to camp South of Straughn on night one.

Day 2 will see us visit Sarah Is (For the Term of His Natural Life…remember?) and up the first section of the Gordon river.

Day 3 – 5 will see us paddle up stream towards the Franklin river and the site of that great victory Bob Brown and the Greens had over the Federal Govt. In the “No Dams” deal – Whooo

Days 5 – 8 will see see us back down the Gordon and exploring the East coast of the Harbour, lots of little bays and abandoned town sites.
And the back to Straughn and home by the 5th Feb.

They say about 4 day a year is does NOT rain down in this section of the World Heritage listed wilderness of Southern Tassie…cold, windy, but so stunningly beautiful that the cold and wet go unnoticed…well kinda ๐Ÿ™‚

Morning Paddle

Stunning morning on the water. Was down there at 6.30am with Andrew, Geoff, Rob and Scotty.
The sea was glass, the conversation smooth.

Oh by the way, I managed to find a cheap boat (new) and borrow the difference for a year or so. I found the cash as I was going to spend money on air fares to Tassie and didn’t need to as I found FF points …in case you were wondering I bought it before BUY NOTHING DAY started ๐Ÿ™‚
(Truth be told I bought 2! A mate rang, he works over seas and is coming to Tassie as well and was keen on the bargain!)
So this becomes my 40th birthday gift to me!

She is the orange boat, and her name is Brittany, which everyone teased me about, but that is the name, the model – A Riot Brittany.

The Adventure Begins…

Some of you may be aware I am going to Tassie on a Kayaking adventure in January. This is to celebrate my 40th Birthday (19th Dec).
Here is the first group email that has gone out to our gang travelling up the Gordon River, just thought you may be interested in the journey!

Welcome to the Great Tasmanian Kayak Tour!

In just over 9 weekโ€™s time on the 26th January โ€“ Australia Day, we will be meeting up in Devonport
to begin our great adventure into the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.

Our 9 days will see us leaving from Strahan sometime after lunch on Sat 26th heading across
& then down Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River as far as time will allow.
We plan to take it somewhat easy, and have allowed time for some exploring of places such as Sarah Island, Sir John Falls & Piners Landing.
We need to be back at Strahan by lunch time on Monday 4th for the Melbourne group to catch the boat home

Let me start by introducing the crew

Scott Vawser โ€“ Perth
Andrew โ€“ Perth
Stuart โ€“ Perth
Jason โ€“ Melbourne
Dean โ€“ Melbourne
Bart โ€“ Melbourne
Neale Meredith โ€“ Melbourne

With 7 of us on the trip we will need to break up into 3 smaller groups for safety, sharing the load, cooking & sleeping.
The suggested groupings are the Perth crew; Dean & Bart & then Jason & Neale.

I have attached a Gear Checklist that Scott has compiled from various websites.
Please feel free to add anything that you feel is necessary. Remember we only have limited space in our boats & weight will be an issue.

Also – Maybe someone could throw some dummy menus around to give us some โ€˜food for thoughtโ€™.

There is some equipment that we will only need one or two of between us eg an EPIRB & some 2-ways. Thanks Stuart for looking into these for us. Anyone else yell out if you have access to these.

There are also a number of other links to sites which have articles, trip notes, pictures & other interesting facts you might be interested in.

Thatโ€™s all for now, Itโ€™s great to have you aboard. Happy training.


(Sounds like a blast hey!!)

Water Weekend

Well you know it starting to look like summer when you drop in to your neighbors house and they are all out at the pool having a beer…and you join them!
You know it’s summer when the howling easterly starts up around 3 am!
You know it’s summer when you spend at least 10 hours of your weekend in or at the water!

I took my loaner kayak that I obtained through a Facebook contact from South Perth Church to the Swan river the other day. It was my second trip on it, the first was out and around Hillarys boat harbor.

The breeze was a bit strong Sat morning but that just made for harder training! Push…PUSH!
I put in just under the old east Perth power station and headed up river, upon my return I was greeted by a pod of about 5 dolphins. In fact both time I have gone out now I have paddled with dolphins, quite a nice experience, they come right up to and under the kayak, like within a foot of me!

Then today I took the kids for a picnic up the Avon river. We went to the opening of the Northam Church of Christ building, then took off for a spot I stop at from time to time on my way home from Northam. Not enough water to get the kayak off but we had some tubes and body boards and had heaps of fun rock hoping and surfing VERY small rapids ๐Ÿ™‚

The Kayak is not a true sea kayak, it is only 4.1M long, but it is doing the trick. My muscles are working hard, and I am having a great time! I have not fallen in yet, well I did a few months ago when I went out with a mate Geoff.