Sweating it up in Siem Reap

Day 3 in Cambodia, the weather is humid very very Sticky! Our kids (3blond girls) are the main tourist attraction, locals just love them and point to them as if they have never seen blondies before. They even get cameras out and stand around and point. We are all getting along great, we are with the same tuk tuk driver each day- Siphan, he is great.
Off to see Joel and Chloe in the morning after sunrise at temples.


Moore Long Weekends

A great weekend at Moore River with the whole family.

Daytime from the deck
Daytime from the deck
CHristine doing a dive
Christine doing a dive
Downhill kayaking
Downhill kayaking

Bikes Stolen

Went to the dog beach with Max and the family yesterday morning, got home and our 3 best bikes have been stolen! Christine’s was a few weeks old, Amy’s was a few months old and Mikaela’s was a year or so old. Mine, the one that is an old clunker and NEEDS to be stolen was left behind – bugga!

So here we go, police reports, insurance claims, and shopping. Interesting, the insurance company tells you where to shop, we buy most of our bikes from KMart, cheep ones, I hope they don’t send us to some bike shop that don’t sell bikes under $300 a bike!

Resurrection Complete

I know, I know, many people write incredibly deep stuff on their blogs, spiritual stuff, and the stuff that makes for really good reading, even controversial stuff.

I pride myself on the ordinary! Like the Resurrection of an old sleeping bag.

jan-09-019You may remember that I got a new sleeping bag for my birthday/Christmas due to the fact that my 21 year old bag was torn, stitched, torn, stitched and… torn again. But I could not bring myself to throw it out after getting a new one (sleeping bags are a big deal to me you might have noticed).

jan-09-022So … In order to fully resurrect the old bag, it not only needed stitching but re-filling with down (as in the chest fluff of a small duck) Where would I find such material other than down at the local lake? Haaaa – When I was in Nepal in 1987 I remember buying a massive down jacket that was used in a NZ attempt on Mt Everest and sold to me after the attempt failed. I used this whilst up in the snow in the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal – and not once since! So I dug it out of a box and Christine and I started slicing and transferring fluff from the jacket into the bag.

jan-09-023The bag had 220 grams of fluff added to it taking it from a 1200g bag to a 1520g bag, not too bad. I think I just took it back down to about a -3 degree bag. But in the process Christine and I had some fun filling the house with VERY small feathery stuff!

Christmas Thoughts

Well, my bowels are running active! My stomach churns, my brain is fuzzy…it is boxing day.

I ate too much, I drank a bit, I am not a big drinker but 5 beers and a glass of wine over a day exceeds my normal limit by a long shot. And stuff… we seemed to bring more stuff home than we took!

Gifts, now I love stuff. For as much as I protest the consumer ways of our society I am the first one to put up my hand and say “I love stuff”. I have my weaknesses – Books, Outdoor Gear, Hardwear stuff, Comupter Stuff and so on…

Yes, I did manage to receive and give away a few goats, wells and mosquito nets to those with less than me in the third world, but it did feel token. I sometimes wonder what I would feel like if I asked for nothing. Just whatever I was to gain at Christmas defer it all…all elsewhere! My brother played a trick on me last night. We always get a stocking from Mum and Dad, to this day we have gotten ourselves a stocking filled with funny, useful, playful or just plain silly stuff every year. (Deodorant, blue-tack, a bouncy ball, a Tupperware bottle top opener, a stick of sunscreen and so on. Every year my bro and I wait for the other to open everything first and then proceed to open our stocking stash and pretend that there is an extra gift for me, a more expensive one. But it is never the case as Mum makes sure the stockings are identical, this is the case for Scotty our brother in law also. This year something backfired. Clint and Scotty set me up. They had gotten into the stockings and loaded their with extra wrapped gifts. Old watch boxes with some old watches in them and so on. And for me, they had a ‘fake’ stocking filled with crap like a lemon, a wrapped potato and so on. I wasn’t sure what was going on. Even after I guessed they had placed into my bag the lemon etc, I still couldn’t quite work out how they ended up with a watch each and I had a stick of roll-on. They were both playing it up… “Ohhh look at this lovely Seiko under water watch I got in my stocking”. I said,  “Well I did get a nice sleeping bag for my birthday last week, I shouldn’t get a watch too” They were in hysterics watching me squirm and pretend I had not been dealt a dud stocking! Very funny boys! The watches were fake and we all had a laugh.

I got some nice gifts. This nice Apple MAc bluetooth keyboard and matching Mighty Mouse!


I got more books than you can poke a stick at. In fact Youth Vision gave me a voucher as a bye bye gift for $100 which I hated having in my wallet so I zipped straight down to the Bookshop Cafe in Como – THE best cafe Bookshop in Perth and spent it.

– Daughters and Their Dads, Bruce Robinson (A great local Perth guy)

– Man In The Dark, Paul Auster

– The Tall Man, Chloe Hooper

Then Kathy bought me 2 trashy kinds of novels for Christmas, and these are added to the list I made in the post or 2 below, that is sitting waiting to be read and Gillead which is being enjoyed right now. But I visited my cousin, Renee, just before Christmas, she is a Noongar Aboriginal. And we got to talking about books and movies one should read on indigenous issues, here is what she gave me to read;

– Two Men Dreaming, James Cowan

– An Aboriginal Mother Tells of the Old and The New, Labumore:Else Roughsey

– Voices of Aboriginal Australia, Irene Moores

– The World of the First Australians, R.M. & C.H. Berndt

There should be enough reading here for the next few years!

This year more than ever I heard adults say when asked the questions, :What do you want for Christmas?” – “Nothing really, I have everything I want. I I wanted anything during the year I just went out and bought it, so now it’s Christmas there is nothing I can think of that I need to tell people to get me”

What is behind this statement? This is not a judgement, just a question. What does that statement say about our prosperous times and culture? If I want a kayak, I just either wait for my tax and go and get it, or just put it on the card. No or little delayed gratification, just go and get it. If I want a new x-box, or a new TV and surround sound set up, a new woodwork tool – I just go and buy it.

So Christmas comes around and I want for nothing! Is this a good thing? Should I save up all my wants get them at Christmas? Or should I not? Is that not what Christmas should be about anyway? Should I just ask for socks and jocks and spend my time worrying about other people gifts? I think I would appreciate a gift more if I have thought about getting it all year. Hmm not sure.

Hey. Have yourselves a great post Christmas, have fun playing on the new totem tennis set, riding the new bikes, watching the kids stack it on the rip stick, surfing the new body board, straightening your hair with the new heat thingy, laying on the floor for hours playing with littlest pet shop toys or just curled up in the corner reading the new book.

Next Year

I am heading to Cambodia with the family next April for 2 weeks, but I am leaving them to fend for themselves from Singapore to Perth as I am heading up to Thailand for 2 weeks with the OnEARTH programme that I run for GMP.

If you like the sound of a 12 week study in the book of Acts in missional living (Ignition) and a weekend with the homeless in Perth as well as 2 weeks in Northern Thailand, Give me a yell!