A Night Reading Blogs

Tonight I am finishing my weekend with a blog fest.
I read this interesting comment about kids integrating into groups –

we have 5 kids that come to LivingRoom from time to time and its something that has been on my mind for a while now. We talked again last night in our planning time about the idea of integration with kids and came to a decision that to do a specific kids ministry/Sunday School type thing was not where we were at. Instead for us we want to be very very intentional about our relationships with our kids – love them and make a real effort to engage them over our meal and community time.
We make a conscious effort to do all age friendly activities from time to time but at other times are fine with the idea of the kids going off by themselves to have a play and be themselves with one another while we do what we do.
One of the insightful comments a parent made last night was that if we work on the relationship that the kids will want to stay with us, even when we ‘talk adult’ together and that this is probably the best integration we can do.

To Blog or Not To Blog

I think I read this title on someone elses blog.
But anyway…I feel tired. Not sure why, not a busy day. Well intense afternoon. We are trying to do some kind of a merge between some bible colleges in Perth. Only issue is that .acom are in the loop too. This is not so much to merge but to join in under the umbrella of the new college, a kind of affiliate member. We will still be .acom and still have our distinctives just work more cooporativly with this new “Life College”. All good and well, but I am on some working teams that are filled with good folk who are discussing stuff that .acom gave away discussing years ago. I say this not out of arogance but aknowlegement that we have taken such a different direction to most colleges around. It’s this distinctive that makes us attractive to the merge team to join with, but at the same time it’s the distinctives that cause little tension along the way. Tensions? Well what about class sharing… What classes .acom asks? we don’t do any, and when we do – we don’t lecture. It’s like a tutorial, what about use of facilities? Why? We don’t gather.
I believe in the concept, but meeting today discussing buildings and car parks when .acom have just spent years in their ‘anti-building’ campain, selling off every assest we have we have preached the message of using existing church buildings for college! It was just funny discussing all that we had fought against, like we were putting it all back in to place again.
In the end integrity suggested this was a bigger monster than I had or wanted to have influence over, and a great man once said “choose you battles wisely” so I quit the property team. That leaves me on the academic and marketing team and the main merge team…still more than I care for, but who knows what I might learn from it all?