An Example of Why Evangelicalism is Dying

Meanwhile in some dark mouldy corner of Christendom a sad evangelical writes about the brilliant vocal play band Pentatonics
“While at least one member of the band publicly claims to be a Christian, two other members are openly gay.[like these things are mutually exclusive!!] Furthermore the band is active in promoting the LGBTQ agenda [grace? shock horror!]. All this at the same time as taking advantage of the evangelical Christian [evil consumeristic machine – evilgelical?] market which may be their top target in selling albums. [Scott’s comment in brackets]
“But, hey, it’s a free country and anyone can do what they want as long as they do not break the law and/or hurt others, as the old progressive principle holds. Delight in Truth [name of this legalistic blog] does not have a problem with Pentatonix and their rebellion against the moral code of Scripture, as much as with the Evangelical crowd which claims to be under the authority of Scripture and who loves Pentatonix.”
“Dear Christians, if you find the Word of God as inspired and authoritative [oh PLEASE – what does THAT mean?], please stop buying, promoting, liking, posting, and applauding these Pentatonix videos. Would you listen daily to an openly gay pastor who promotes the LGBTQ lifestyle and preaches “really good?” [yes!] If no, then why promote Pentatonix?”
Seriously? I mean seriously? I’m speechless! Next you are telling me to burn my Amy Grant CD’s coz she smoked a bit of pot! Hillsong CD’s with Geoff Bullock because he split from his wife…Oh…you are? Sigh – I give up! And here is an example of why evangelicalism is in its death throws! Bye bye! End of rant 🙂

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