A letter I received today

Dear Scott,

We are writing to you today with a call to prayer for the weekend ahead. Leaders throughout the Asia-Pacific began meeting today to discuss the humanitarian crisis unfolding in our region.1 At this stage, around 7,000 Rohingya asylum seekers are still stranded on the same boats they have been on for over two weeks, with countries in the area continuing to refuse to accommodate them.image

As you probably are aware, our own government is also still refusing to help.2 It is a devastating situation for those of us who believe that all people are created in the image of God.

The reality is that, as Christians, we know a Saviour whose response is one of inclusion and acceptance. Who says ‘Yes, yes, yes’ to the ‘whosoever’ that would come, and extends unconditional love to all. Yet we can find our earthly leaders’ response is the opposite, as rigid policies and political slogans take precedence over compassion and common sense.


Yet even in these times, we can hold on to the hope we have in Jesus, and bring our concerns to him in prayer.

Let’s all join together this weekend and pray specifically that:

The Rohingyas are helped off the boats and given shelter.
A search and rescue operation is launched to find other boats from Myanmar.
Governments work together to end the persecution of the Rohingyas.
Governments provide a clear ‘front door’ for refugees to seek asylum in our region so that they aren’t forced to come on boats.
Australia takes a lead in the region by giving the Rohingyas and other refugees a permanent home.
The people of Australia will be generous and offer welcome to those in need.
At the moment there seems little hope, yet we believe in a God who raises the dead and for whom nothing is impossible. Together, let’s believe God will work miraculously to bring a solution to this crisis.

With Grace and Peace,
Tim, Justin and the whole Common Grace Team
PS. Why not forward this email to your pastor or the person who will be overseeing prayer in your church service this Sunday?

[1] ‘Advisor to give governments tough love talk on smugglers’, The Australian, 27 May 2015
[2] ‘Peter Dutton defends Tony Abbott on Rohingyas’, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 May 2015
Common Grace


Common Grace · Australia
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