From Richard Rohr on New Creation

We are all created for divine union. We are incapable of imagining such daring unity between the human and the divine in ourselves unless we see it imaged as possible out there. That is the way that Jesus “saves” us!

Our little self on its seemingly insignificant journey is a microcosm of what God is doing everywhere and what God did perfectly and visibly in Jesus. God is always putting matter and spirit, human and divine, pain and victory together. It could even be called God’s job description.

This is the Eternal “Christ Mystery,” and it began with the Big Bang. Or as we Franciscans put it, “Christ was the first idea in the mind of God!” God chose in the beginning to materialize. Through the visible Jesus we can now dare to see this truth everywhere and always, and that is the way that Jesus “saves” the whole of creation.


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