What Oil Crisis?

It is true that many in the world do not believe in the FACT that we are running low on oil and using 3 x the amount that we pull out of the ground and it is true that there are many who believe climate change is a con…Just to prove that this is true -I have discovered that car manufacturers have produced the Knight XV, a $310 000 USD monster to rival the Hummer by a long shot! What a beast!


5 thoughts on “What Oil Crisis?

  1. I have to say I have been flummoxed by the heat, noise and dust generated by the climate-change deniers. It confirms that there is something inside us that makes us tend to believe what we want to believe.
    I would LOVE to believe that human activity – the burning of millions of years of fossil fuels in a couple of centuries MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. I WANT to believe that, but…
    You know, I probably shouldn’t, but I tend to read the reader comments that attach to online news items (and I listen to some of my dear extended family members!) and I am just gobsmacked.
    I get the impression that this noisy minority would refuse to believe it if scientists suddenly started confirming that the earth is not the centre of the universe and actually revolves around the sun. They would find bits and pieces of evidence to the contrary. Lord Monkton would call Copernicus a dirty communist. Ian Plimer would claim that Galileo was a crook and that he, Plimer, was the only honest commentator. And the punters would fall in line behind them – because the fact of heliocentricity was deeply disturbing to people who thought of the earth as the centre of the universe. It was one of the key discoveries that brought down the authority of the creeking medieaval church/state system.
    Sorry for the rant, Scott. I’lltake a deep breath now.
    I musn’t have enough people to talk to these days.

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