Good Read on the Human Soul

Parker J. Palmer writes deep into the human soul. I read a book of his called hearing the voice of vocation that released me (almost!) from feeling I had a need to do a particular ‘job’ but rather look a bit wider and see the forest, not just a tree. By doing so one sees more about the various gifts and abilities one brings to a workplace etc. I still struggle about ‘what to do’ rather just being who I am with regards to my work, but I feel more relaxed on the whole.

The other week I finished “A Hidden Wholeness. The Journey Towards an Undivided Soul.” by Palmer.
Palmer gives us real advice for forming “circles of trust” where honest, open sharing allows each person’s “inner teacher” to do its work. (Ground rules: “no fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other straight.”) Palmer shows that too many people have “divided lives”. It’s a good read, even if, like me, you are not into poetry! He uses poems a bit to help people unfold in these circles of trust.


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