Good Read

riverguideAward winning Aussie author Richard Flanagan wrote Death of a River Guide back in 1994. I went to the library to get out his latest book, “Wanting,” in the shortlist  in last week’s Mile Franklin Award (Winton won). But it was not available, so I grabbed this one and just finished it today.

It was a good read, especially me being a Tassie freak, the whole book was centered around Tasmania. In fact it was all around one guy Aljaz, who is underwater drowing and having visions and memories of his life and his whole family flash before his eyes as he drowns, his visions of his life include his immediate past that brought him to his current underwater circumstances.

eucalyptusNow I plan to devour his latest book –  Wanting as well as another Miles Franklin short list from this year – The Pages by Murray Bail. He wrote Eucalyptus, which was such an odd concept for a book, but it captivated me! I love Aussie authors and being lost in their stories of our great country. The Pages is an intricate story about an enigmatic philospher who dies and leaves his work in-progress in a shed on his family’s property in New South Wales.


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