I do too much waiting for the wrong stuff and not enough waiting on the right stuff.
I have been waiting for weeks (well maybe days) for 2 ‘important’ things. 1) The iPhone 3.0 update in the software, and 2) this quarters ‘Wild’ Magazine, my favorite read.
This morning the iPhone update arrived. I am sure I will get more excited about this as time goes by but at the present moment everything seems the same on my phone as it did yesterday. As this update was running I noticed in my inbox the latest devotion from David Timms from Hope University. He writes brilliantly and I love reading his weekly thoughts.
Today was simply this
To behold the face of Jesus
to live the pace of Jesus and
to extend the grace of Jesus

in other words, meet Jesus, slow down to a walking pace in life and have the time and space to extend some love and grace like He did.
Then David says to stop for 2 or 3 minutes and reflect on what he had written, I gazed out the window of my home office…just in time to see the mail man deliver the latest ‘Wild’ magazine to the box! I looked at the box out there for a few moments before deciding to continue to reflect on the Face Pace and grace of Jesus – the mag is still there!
It hurts, but it is still there!


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