Swine Flu -Really Bad…for us Westerners!

I was chatting with my bio-diesel bud Andy the other day about how much we make of this swine flu when people all over the word are dying from all sorts of this every day but because the ‘don’t count’ as their deaths don’t get western pulicity or they seem insignificant as they live in what we call the Third World! Look at this stat I found on the brilliant blog Empire Remixed.

Swine Flu in Perspective

18 05 2009

by Andrew Stephens-Rennie

via Mark who got it from Mike, who caught it from Keith, who somewhere along the line must have contracted it from Dan (this stuff is sure contagious!)


One thought on “Swine Flu -Really Bad…for us Westerners!

  1. I agree with you 100%. On the same line, people get upset when western soldiers die in Iraq or Afghanistan. But no one seems to care when local residents die or get “accidently” killed.

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