Shoes and Scott

Well for those long term viewers and odd followers of my quirky ways, you may remember that I bought a pair of shoes over the internet a couple of years ago.

What I was too embarased to mention was that after recieving them in the mail they were too small. I have suffered painful feel for 2 years and have finally given up on these..dare I say…$250 paid of quality walking shoes.

With some of Mr Rudd’s generous $900 I went off to my favorite shop Mtn Designs last Saturday and picked up a pair of Salomon’s for the bargain price of $200. Heck I turned down the pair of Raichle’s I tried on for $275!!

I wore these nice shoes for a couple of hours before deciding to return them as they were too small. I took them back today and tried on a slightly larger pair of the Keen (the ones I bought on the internet) they were nice, but heck I like a change –

I ended up with the next size up of the ones I had bought Saturday. The Salomon Elios GTX.

Tonight my feet are killing me – I will push through! This weekend I have to walk over 40Km in these new shoes hmmm


5 thoughts on “Shoes and Scott

  1. Scott,

    I’m renowned for my ability to diagnose the most complex problems without ever having seen the evidence with my own eyes – and the same is true of your problem tonight.

    The shoes are not the problem – its the walking! If you WEAR the shoes, but (and this is an important point), NOT WALK IN THEM, then your problems will go away, and as a bonus you can get many years additional(although admittedly sedentary) enjoyment from your footwear.

  2. You’ll love the GTX. I bought a pair on Ebay for $10 and they have been the best walking shoes ever!!

    I hope you’ll journeying well Scott. Salaam.

    1. Thanks mate. Bold move buying shoes online I will never do it again me thinks. Unless I am buying an identical pair to what I already had.

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