Great Interview

This interview is filled with wonderful wisdom!

Author Magnus Linklater interviews Author and commentator on life George Steiner. He has run out of  years (he is 80) to write more books so ‘in summary’ he writes a book about the books he wishes he had written.

The interview skips accross the chapters of this book with Steiner commenting on some great topics!

Like God tells Ezeikiel to “Eat [ingest] this scroll” Steiner argues that we should be ingesting words, memorizing important poems, writings, scripture etc. That with the internet we have learnt to skim. he says

“If you know something by heart the bastards can’t take it from you…

…If you have inside you the things that you love passionately you have them and ‘they’ can’t take them from you if disaster strikes and you are in great trouble, political, humanly, illness, solitude, the companionship is fantastic!”

Another great quote from the interview –

“We need to lean to be one anothers guests in this world


2 thoughts on “Great Interview

  1. “If you know something by heart the bastards can’t take it from you…”

    amen steiner. this was the vibe i was coming from the other night when i said we should memorise that amazing quote that lance shared with us.

  2. I totally agree. When he came out with that quote there was something of a whole group ‘hmmmmmmmmmm’ feel. That sound was the sound of resonance the sound of everyone deeply absorbing a truth that was common to all – hmmmmmmmmmmmm


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