Bikes Stolen

Went to the dog beach with Max and the family yesterday morning, got home and our 3 best bikes have been stolen! Christine’s was a few weeks old, Amy’s was a few months old and Mikaela’s was a year or so old. Mine, the one that is an old clunker and NEEDS to be stolen was left behind – bugga!

So here we go, police reports, insurance claims, and shopping. Interesting, the insurance company tells you where to shop, we buy most of our bikes from KMart, cheep ones, I hope they don’t send us to some bike shop that don’t sell bikes under $300 a bike!


3 thoughts on “Bikes Stolen

  1. I will have to talk the insurance company into recommending you, I am only allowed to buy bikes from one of the shops they tell me. Which make for an interesting situation as the bikes we had were all super cheap Huffys from KMart. Not sure I can get some that cheap from a normal shop.

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