Playing in The Shed

Well aside from being a geek and playing on my Mac, I also like to do other things!

So far today, I have managed a stunning 2 hour paddle along the coast in my sea kayak, returned to hand over the car to Christine, for the kids swimming lessons then I headed for the shed and finished building a little ‘workbox’ for my MacBook. You see with the keyboard and mouse, I figure the nice white board on the Mac will last much longer if I don’t touch it 🙂 I just put it up on a little frame and look at it from a distance and don’t touch. When I want my desk all clean I just tuck everything under the MacBook in its little box! The wood was leftover from a shelf I am building for the backdoor of my car…you know fold down for coffee on the road, you don’t need to get out the table, just open the back door and fold down the little table…you want a photo don’t you. Ok I will finish it today and take a snapshot. In the meantime enjoy my MacBook Riser (I made that up all by myself!)



5 thoughts on “Playing in The Shed

  1. We also have been doing the round trip to the pool this year – and ran into Hamo’s missus and kids there yesterday. Seems like everyone we know is doing VacSwim.

  2. Oh you mean you want a photo of the shelf in the back of the car! I have it on the camera, I will upload it soon.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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