Books Books And More Books

You can watch The First Tuesday Book Club online if you like.  I enjoyed watching it on ABC2 on Sunday night. I enjoy a bit of a read from time to time and of late I have slowed down. When I slow down I begin to meander, mainly through magazines. I read anything…I take a week to read the Weekend Australian, I read my Wild Magazine (subscription) from cover to cover and I weep through the latest Compassion magazine about the world food crisis…compulsory reading!

At the same time my pile of ‘I want to read this’ or ‘I am trying to read this’ books gets bigger and bigger. This is what it looks like right now;

How to Get Things Done. David Allen – The definitive ‘GTD‘ book, I am reading it slowly and changing my habits as I go!

An Army of Ordinary People. Felicity Dale – Short stories of starting differnt kinds of churches all over the world.

Confessions of a Reformission Rev. MArk Driscoll, Hard lessons from an Emerging Missional Church.

Sea Kayaking. John Dowd – A manual for long distance touring.

Leadership and Self Deception. The Arbinger Institute … getting out of the box

Yesterday I went to my favorite Bookshop cafe in Como.  Sadly an old lady had a stroke at the table next to me and hit the deck hard and threw up lunch…and breakfast…and yesterdays meals – many of us made for a quick exit! Poor thing, she was being looked after by a nurse, she didn’t  just up and leave her laying on the floor!!

But whilst I was there I thought I would check out some of the recommended reading from The First Tuesday Bookclub from ABC2 the night before. So many good recommends, including the very good Breath by Winton! If you are looking for a good book to read and don’t know where to start, the website for this show is a great place to start. At least it narrows it down from a billion books to just a few hundred!

I have been wanting to read Sweet, after Hamo recommended it. But when I saw it there at the Cafe Bookshop I noticed next to it one that had caught my attention from the show the night before on a similar theme.

gileadGilead. Marilynne Robinson. A story about life in church, relationships, pastors, disfunction, and so on. It came highly recomended from numerous people on the show and is also the winner of the 2005 Pulitzer prize for fiction – This is now my summer read! I can borrow Sweet off Hamo 🙂

I got a $100 voucher for Koorong Books from Churches of Christ as a farewell gift as I leave Youth Vision this week to start 3 weeks leave before starting up as Forge state director, taking over from Hamo who has plans to take on new challenges.

I went to Koorong on my way to a meeting yesterday… I think I must be out of touch, I just didn’t know where to start. There was very little that jumped out at me to buy. For a guy who likes books…I did not buy ONE book for myself, unless you count a new bible (A nice fake leather The Message). What I did buy (you will laugh) was a Hillsong Kids CD (Super Strong God), a $5 Celtic CD, the latest CD from Sons of Korah (Rain), listening to it now – brilliant! And Mikaela wanted a Point of Grace CD, so I got what might be their latest, no idea. So it was a music day!


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