Giving Blood

I went in to give blood in Wellington St Perth yesterday.

I have never done this before.

Went in, had my interview, went to the toilet twice as they make you drink a bit leading up to giving the blood.

They stuck a needle in my right arm and it ran dry before hitting the bag, maybe a collapsed vein.

They stuck a needle in my left arm and the vein leaked out under the skin forming a huge blue lump under my skin. Thanks for coming Mr Vawser but we will have to see you another time TO TURN YOU INTO A PIN CUSHION!

No blood today …


4 thoughts on “Giving Blood

  1. you never used to have a problem finding your veins when we went through that heroin stage together. Those were the days, rock stars in our own band…. traveling doing gigs 50 weeks a year… all those outback country pubs… the girls…. hang on… wrong friend – sorry!

  2. At least you got further than me and my near-fainting spell after the finger prick when I tried to donate blood. The nurse said “There are other ways to help people, dear”.

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