Me the Consumeristic Sucker!

I got one.


I was so impressed with Hamo’s review I went out and grabbed one on contract for the same price I am paying off my non-existent phone now. They even canceled my current contract 6mths early!

Shut up!

Should I turn comments off on this one? You cynics! Become believers…wo is me wretched man I am.


6 thoughts on “Me the Consumeristic Sucker!

    1. , aoslmt at the end: “The eccentric gentleman had throughout displayedall his marvellous qualities of coolness and exactitude”. From what I read, you guys are just as cool – and on top of that you’re doing it all in plain view of the world!Dickson, remember in the book, Phileas Fogg found love on the way… Wish you all the best!!!

  1. Oh for heaven’s sake children – how come it is the atheist that holds of on buying the toys around here!

    Besides didn’t you realise the iPhone is a false prophet? Only Yesterday GeeOne revealed itself to the world as the true saviour of telecommunion.

  2. Owch…I am convicted…or is it that there really is a God and he loves me sooo much he WANTED me to have this iphone, and rewarded me with it for being such a scotty too hotty!

    Maybe not…I think I need to go back to bible college and get my theology right.

  3. bible college may not be the place to get your theology ‘right’.
    oops, should I say that?
    anyway, enjoy the iphone thingy.

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