I bought a Mountain Designs sleeping mat, one of their top of the range series, in fact they call them the “Pro” series of self inflating mats. In fact they are marketed as being so brilliant this is what they say;

The Pro series is the best performance and comfort choice. High quality materials combined with die-cut zones to reduce weight and size. These mats are wider through the torso and the base is coated with urethane dots to prevent slipping.

Sounds great hey? NOT!!! “Best Performance and Comfort” they say – NOT!!!

7 months after the purchase it began to go down at night. Not a problem for me as I know about these things… – (smart guy!) these things can get small holes in them, anything inflatable can get a puncture, right?

So I did the bath test. I imediately picked up a small hole in the seam area, odd, but I stopped then and there and patched it. Next week camping – it went flat again.

Bath test – another hold near the seam. – was in a hurry, so patched it and went on my way.

Went down again…

Tonight I went to the bath again… determined to give it my best shot. I discovered that all along the seams of this thing air was coming out!!! What the????

This is not good enough. Lets just see how good these guys are at Mountain Designs, I have been impressed in the past, they have done me well. So I will keep you updated.


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