New Program To Play With

Evernote is one of those programs that you hear about and think “yeah, whatever”. But I downloaded it the other day and have played with it a bit after work today.

It’s a kind of multi-media organizational tool. You can grab emails or bits of them, photos, video clips, snap shots off your phone, screen shots off the web, whole clips from the web, pages, anything really. You pull them into this high tech scanning tool and slot them into the right folder (you preset). When you want to find it again you go to a ‘spotlight’ (Apple Mac) style search and put in a word.

Let’s say you took a photo of an elephant at the zoo, in the photo was the sign next to his cage that says “African Elephant”. The text recognition tool picks this up and pulls the photo in, along with any other references to “elephant” in your Evernote collection.

It ultimately could replace multiple folders in your email program, multiple book marks in your web browser, and loads and loads of crap in your folders that you are never too sure whats in there and how to find it.

Sure Mac’s search function “Spotlight” can do a great job of searching all though quick, but Evernote seems to capture things with such ease.

I can email direct into my evernote account online from anywhere, or send any stuff straight from my phone, so no matter where I am within reason, I can ‘clip’ stuff and drop it into Evernote. Months later, I just do a search for the keyword associated with that item and wooomp – there it is, along with any other associate files or ‘clips’.

Geek? Yep!

(They do work with Windows)


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