My Home Page

What do you use as your main homepage when you turn on your browser? Your own blog or webpage? One that is associated with your work place, a favorite passion or hobby? The news? A generic google page maybe?

I have found a customizable one that I am able to just stick whatever I like on it, a bit like a Google one only more user friendly. You even get a selection of pretty photos to chose as a background!

Check this out, it’s new, local and the developers are open to tips and suggestions.


3 thoughts on “My Home Page

  1. Homepagehome is a great way of creating simple bookmarking.

    I use Netvibes ( because I can use it with thousands of customisable widgets as well as my gmail accounts, news feeds, bookmarks and heaps more.

    1. The HomepageHome Webportal (bookmark web surfing tool) has been designed to be the default homepage for your browser, but if you prefer to use another then you can have both simultaneously!

      In Rodney’s case, he could set Netvibes to open within his Webportal and set that page as default in his browser, then he would have the benefits of both website tools.

      Don’t mock it till you try it!

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