My Friend Christopher

A buddy of mine, Gary, has a son called Christopher, he is a great young guy, he loves the bush, he loves cars (especially 4WD), he loves old TV shows, he loves life! I am sure one of the greatest challenges for Christopher would have to be a physical one, he has CP (Cerebral Palsy), not that it seems to be a major focus of his mind…he seems too busy getting on with living and loving! Have a look at Christophers blog sometime (that link is a couple of years old now, but is a kind of self intro) – he is amazing, a hero of mine even though I have only met him once, maybe twice. I stayed over at Christopher’s place last September, it was great hanging out!

Anyway someone recently captured Christopher stunningly in a sculpture and Christopher has given me permission to post the picture here. I love it!


3 thoughts on “My Friend Christopher

  1. He is in every way my little buddy.
    Here’s a recent post on my blog:
    One of those small, yet evocative moments for me yesterday.
    I was putting an undercoat on a bookcase I am building. Christopher, ‘my shadow’, was sitting there next to me, watching. (He doesn’t normally elect to watch me paint, as it disappointingly does not involve the use of power tools of any kind). I was quietly slapping away with the brush and he was silently observing and I was aware that he might prefer some conversation, so I asked him if he was bored yet. He replied, “No, I was just playing a game.”
    Now, ponder that for a second.
    Wheelchair bound. Unable to use his limbs for anything. A bit bored, so off he goes down into that silent labyrinth of his interior world and starts playing a game.
    It turns out he was putting an A380 Airbus through its paces – you know, testing its structural strength during aerobatic manoeuvers – that sort of thing.
    Just goes to prove what I’ve always said -’people are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside’. And in Christopher’s case, that is a jolly good thing – there are no disabled bits deep down in there where he really lives and he can fly Airbuses there, or do just about anything else he can imagine.

  2. Hey Scott.
    I feel like Lee Majors or Steve Austen in particular because you called me my hero and he is one of my heroes. Dad is my other hero.
    ps. how is the 4wd going? I love the fact that you are using vege oil for it, but you won’t believe this. Dad wants to get a little 4wd for working on our property. He likes the Subaru Brumby. I personally think he’s cracked and should get a toyota hi-lux diesel to use vege oil.
    I can’t wait to see you again. (Hopefully)

  3. Haaaaaa “Cracked” I love that expression, I think I will pinch it and use it here in WA and start a new saying, I think we don’t use it, but I love it. (Maybe we do but I am just so out of touch!!) Yes, your Dad is a bit cracked 🙂 You should get a hilux, they love biodiesel! It’s a messy business and you need a good supply of oil but it feels good to do it.
    See ya mate, might be coming to QLD before the end of the year!!

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