Best Read for a While

I forgot to mention a book I picked up a few weeks ago.
Don’t know how it slipped the blog! It was one of the best reads this year.
I highly recommend this book for people working with tweenagers (7 – 14), and in particular with girls. I also highly recommend it to parents of girls that same age, or heading there.

Why are girls as young as five years old concerned about their looks and addicted to shopping? Why are they having sex and binge-drinking so young, responding to chat-room predators, and bullying their peers via email and text messages? Many of the guidelines we offer girls no longer apply, or are contradicted by messages from media and advertising telling girls how to look, think, behave and feel. Over two years Maggie Hamilton interviewed girls, teachers, school counsellors, psychologists, and law enforcement and medical personnel to get an insider’s view on what girls are experiencing at present, from birth to the teenage years. (Source)

You gotta read What’s Happening To Our Girls, Maggie Hamilton.


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