Amahoro Conference, Africa

Amahoro… ever heard of this?
It is a conference in Africa, primarily for Africans, but not exclusively. Last year 80% were indigenous Africans. BUT – the themes and speakers caught my attention.
“Post-colonialism” – Being Christian, our way!
Toward a gospel of reconciliation.
Cultivating Missional Living.
Justice in South Africa … and more.

And names like McLaren, Annmie Bosch (Yes, widow of David Bosch!), Emergent Village and other people and groups come together to form this group.

Look at this –
The vision of Amahoro Africa is to see a vibrant and effective network of African leaders working together throughout Africa to further God’s Kingdom on behalf of those suffering from physical and/or spiritual poverty. We hope to facilitate an environment in which these leaders will be able to join their strengths together, combine their learning and pool their resources to release the justice and mercy that Jesus spoke of and exemplified in His life.

This looks great in my opinion!

Anyway I have been meeting a bit with Andrew Rigg, a great guy from down Binningup way (Aghh Binningup…those good old Binningup youth camps in the early 90’s!)
Andrew has started Day4 Community Aid and Development and is like a rep for Amahoro in Australia, along with Fuz Kitto and others.
OnEARTH is looking at teaming up with Day4 to see a bit more interest in getting some people over to witness this wonderful missional, grassroots indigenous happening called Amahoro and then connect it with a trip into Rwanda to serve a local church seeking to do just what Amahoro is all about – Incarnational Mission!

Why not visit the Day4 site and make some inquiries about joining the trip next June, and it you want to really go the next level, inquire about doing the OnEARTH missional discipleship course alongside this whole experience!


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