The Journey So Far – Bio D

Well the shed is a mess, the grass in dying outside it, the garage where we pump the diesel into our cars looks like a petrol station around the diesel pump and the driveway has big oil stains all over it.

But – between the 3 using it at present we have driven about 1000km on our home made juice!

It is midnight and I have just come in from the shed.
I don’t have a good feeling about this 100L for some reason, well, a good reason really. Normally I can see the reaction taking place as it pumps through the tank for 2 hours, but not tonight. I see very little, if any glycerol settling in the view tube. I was going to transfer it over to the new settlement tank and run another batch of 100L through (we have 400L of oil sitting waiting for processing!)
Anyway I have come inside, I will wait for morning and see it has reacted.

Poor Sophie (7) is grunting and groaning as she has a throat infection and is feeling very off indeed! You just want to go in and cuddle her and make her better 😦


3 thoughts on “The Journey So Far – Bio D

  1. Sweet, lost about 2 or 3 L in the process. I moved it to our new tank and forgot to turn the taps off! Mess on the floor, but good quality product!

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