Veggie Garden Makeover

Christine and I (and sometime the kids, but not often!) have been transforming the veggie garden. We wanted to have separate beds with paths between them (…and a shrubbery… -python fans?). We wanted the paths so you don’t have to walk on the beds. The less you walk on beds the less you compact the soil and the less you have to turn it…that’s what the worms are there for, to turn and aerate the soil.
As you can see from these early snaps, Christine is doing most of the work!
I have not taken snaps of the finished product but will post them next weekend maybe.


2 thoughts on “Veggie Garden Makeover

  1. Hey scott….just wondering if you would be interested in:
    a fig tree and 3/4 citrus trees?

    We have them growing in our back yard and we already have quite a few citrus trees, apricot, apple, plum, etc trees and are wanting to remove the fig and excess citrus trees. But we don’t want to waste them and just get rid of them! If you would like them, or know someone who would, I’m sure we could work out a way of ‘transplanting’ them.

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