2 Days of Farming

We have had a great week of “northing” and “southing” it.
North – Badgingarra
South – Contos Field, Almost bush camping somewhere south of the Prevally turn off on Caves Road. (They do have a long drop toilet and a camp kitchen, so it’s not true bush camping!)

This picture diary is of the northern part of our adventures.
We have been ‘farming’ for many years, since we were married in fact. We called in to this farm on our honeymoon for the first time and have been back at least 2 or 3 times a year since. Mel has been Christine’s best bud for many years and she went teaching in the country and married Graham – a true blue farmer type, no bloody worries kind a guy! This is their property. We get there a new way now, much prettier than straight up the Brand Hwy. When we get to Regans Ford we turn right off the Hwy and head through Dandarrigan (I think) and then left via the scenic route, it’s a great hilly road, very nice.

They are building a new house right in the middle of a wheat crop right now, it looks great!

We spend a few hours cooking up ‘local’ lamb chops and snags on the open fire.

We also went for a nice long hike. They have some nature reserve in their property, a big hill called Boothandarra, we found Donkey Orchids, a little cave, a few roos and lots of prickly bushes.

Thanks to the generosity of the Whites we usually load up the trailer with wood for the fire and sheep poo for the garden. So considering we used one fuel tank of biodiesel to get up there and almost home, we don’t pay for heating our house nor fertalizing our garden, I’d say we had a cheep holiday, many thanks to the generosity of Mel and Graham!!

Mik lazing the day away.

Sophie inspecting the cooking…or the cook more like!


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