2 Weeks Leave

I have 2 weeks leave. It seems a long time since I had 2 or more weeks leave, honestly I can’t pin point when it was, probably a few months ago, ho hum.
Not the point, the point is…
This is enjoyable, I like my place here in Joondalup, I am a bit of a home boy. So this first week is pretty much about me!
Day 1 (Tuesday) – Garden, Shed, biodiesel. – Kids at Mum and Dad’s
Day 2 – Same. – Kids at mum and Dad’s
Day 3 – Same. – Kids out with cousins
Day 4 – Same, but I promised to wash the floor. – Kids hanging out at home with friends.
Day 5 and 6 (Weekend) we are going to Badgingarra to get fire wood, sheep poo and hang out with good friends.
Day 7 (next Monday) – Garden, shed.
Day 8, 9 and 10 – Camping with family at Contos, just near Prevally, Caves Road.
Day 11 – Hang around, Forge intensive begins tonight.
Day 12, 13 Forge intensive, but I am also meant to be in Northam at a friends farm…not sure how to do both, hmmm
Day 14 – Chill read, centre myself to go back to work in the morning.

I have a list of jobs that need doing. They are pretty much run of the mill. A rattle on there car, a leaking roof, wire up the shed, relocate the bio diesel processor and the bowser. I want to install a water pump for the rain water tank. I would like to get some rocks from the farm for around my new pond (the pond was a bulk rubbish find!).

This arvo I sat out in the sprinkling rain looking at our efforts in the garden today. I felt quite satisfied. We grabbed a heap of green roof tiles from the tip and made raised garden beds. I bought some good organic compost and straw as well as a few big bags of saw dust to make paths between all the beds (as well as adding to my own compost). We installed the new pond and solar powered pump. This pond is not so we can have fish, but rather to attract more insects into the garden for cross pollination of plants. Some plants (Zucchini for example) wont grow fruit without a bee or insect (or Christine with a small paintbrush!) germinating them. Having a water feature helps create a greater and fuller life cycle or ecosystem inside our small back yard. The insects attract frogs, frogs eat slugs and bugs and mozzies. They say frogs are a healthy sign in a garden. Tonight after a drive to “dispose” of some waste product from the biodiesel production, I grabbed my head torch for a one more look over our garden work. I wandered around the new beds and walked up to the pond, what should be sitting up on the edge of one of the beds overlooking the new pond…a big shiny black frog! It was as if he was saying, “now that’s what I’m talking ’bout!”

So here’s to the good life!


8 thoughts on “2 Weeks Leave

  1. the good life indeed. Now all you need is a few chooks. Kitchen-scrap eaters, bug and weed eaters, compost makers, egg producers, garden diggers, mostly-peaceful companions.
    I prefer the shiny black Australorps – relatively smart, really quiet, pretty well behaved, great layers.
    Enjoy your time off!

  2. Ahhh yes, we have 3 lovely ladies in the yard. They supply us with eggs regularly and provide the compost with some good muck as well as conume all our scraps. They are miracle workers!

  3. I’m still trying to find a way to squeeze hens into our backyard and I still have to get around to the major project that is transforming the front yard into a vege patch. My biggest hurdle is finding a way to build a retaining wall that Mrs Grendel can live with – I tried suggesting roof tiles but I got ‘the look’ (which incidentally is the same look I got 2 years ago when I first raised the concept of no front lawn, now at least the concept has approval)

  4. So give it 2 years Grendel and the roof tiles will be a goer also!

    Had fun at your joint yesterday Scott. How did the batch go?

  5. i can appreciate in some small way that to see that frog would have been the most damn satisfying thing out…respect

  6. so what are you growing?
    I have eaten some of the biggest and best corn in my life from our permaculture patch, not to mention once harvesting over 1,000 tasty spuds (after sharing them around the neighbours, the rest kept for months in an old cupboard in the shed), excellent tomatoes and beans, and asparagas to die for – pick and eat straight from the good earth.

  7. Oh – but my best corner of the yard is my compost! I am enjoying learning what it takes to make a good hot heap!

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