Been restless of late.
I have had a few projects on the go that have not been instant gratification type things.
– The car purchase drove me up the creek and took weeks longer than I thought it would, but ended well.
– My ‘project’ in the shed has hit a block in that a pump refuses to pull the ‘product’ through and the company I bought it off have been too busy to help for days.
– I have been putting off the service on my scooter for $$$ reasons and today I decided to do it myself. I am no mechanic, but I thought it would be easy. I could not get the oil plug out, and even if I could the oil would have gone everywhere as the stand it right where you would put a container. So I thought I would just pull the spark plug instead, I simply could not find one! I put it all back together and will wait for another day…to take it in for a service 🙂
– I am building a small roof over a bit between my shed and the side fence. I went down to a friend factory who is into roofing yesterday. He had a bit, just the size of what I wanted, he was busy, so I can back today. In the past 24hours one of his workers decided upon an annual clean out…of my sheet of colourbond!
– I am floundering in what I want to read. I read Kingsolvers Animal Miracle Vegetable, recently, that was a good read. I am reading Colossians Remixed by Walsh at present, a great read. But I keep wanting to pick up a novel (like Breath by Winton or the sequel to Pillars of The Earth, World Without End…or anything) and get lost in it.
– I have course in Rockingham in the morning on how to make Biodiesel, should be good.
– Thinking about changing jobs next year and all that will mean.



One thought on “Restless

  1. praying for you mate! not really sure what to pray because i know that you would be ok with the restlessness and i know you would know that God is right there with you in it. thanks for the coffee the other day it was really encouaraging. bless you mate and will probably see you on the weekend.

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