New Car…but not!

I came so close to buying a Holden Jackaroo 2000 3.0L Turbo Diesel today. I drove it Sunday. Sweet car. Everyone says they are one of the best value cars around as they never were a massive popular 4WD for no reason, bit ugly I guess.
I offered our best pending mechanic assessment, he took the offer.
My mechanic, an awesome guy who has looked after us and a few others in our community for years says…”Hmmm – Jackaroo, brilliant car, very underrated. But that engine (post 98) no end of issues, if it breaks you better own the bank!” Buy an older one pre ’98.

So if you have a pre 98 post 95 Jackaroo you want to sell me 3.1L Td let me know.

Aghhhhhh – I hate car shopping.


4 thoughts on “New Car…but not!

  1. hI vAWZ,
    I bought a 1994 Lackaroo, 3.2L Petrol Jan last year. 120,000k’s, $7500.00 of an 80 yr old couple who where the original owners. Has been great since the day we got it. 6 wk holiday through the Pilbra last year, no probs. This year living in the Pilbra and it just keeps going anywhere I point it!! I want it to break so i can get a newer turbo diesel Patrol or Cruiser but it just keeps on going!!!!! Good luck hunting.

  2. I agree (about car shopping). I am ‘starting’ to look at buying a car as my 4wd is not ‘really’ suited to driving over 100km’s a day! Its chewing a massive hole in my wallet (and probably the atmosphere).

    I’m ‘hoping’ to get a 2002-2004 Nissan Pulsar OR Toyota Corolla (or something of that ilk) for around 11-12k…and I have seen a few at that price, but the very thought of going into that level of debt scares me (so I’ll probably never buy a house!)

    And I also suck at bartering! I just wish I could see a price, know it is the best deal and go with that…but I know cars don’t work like that!

  3. Aghhh cars.
    Yes, we found a 97 Jackaroo with the old (better Diesel) engine but it only had 5 seats. I guess we could have gone through the hassle of fitting more but I am not in the mood for that fiddle.
    So we went like this;
    We will get a Delica (Mitsubishi)
    No, a Jackaroo, a Pajaro, a Prado, a Discovery, a Jackaroo, a Delica (Mitsubishi)

    Now we are looking at three in the morning all Delica (actually they are a Pajaro engine and running gear with van body stuck on top!

    I hate buying cars!

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