So, What Would You Do?

I have a Mazda 626 7 seater wagon 1990, It blew a gear box (Auto) 2 months ago, I put another one it, it blew last week and I got another one (free). It needs new exhaust, and the list goes on.
I need to lose it!

I would like;
– Another 7 or 8 seater.
– A diesel (obviously so I can make my own)
– One that fits under my 1900mm garage.
– I don’t have to have a 4wd.
– I don’t have to have a van.
– I have $15000 max

Any clues?

I hate cars!


9 thoughts on “So, What Would You Do?

  1. Vaws, check the transmission cooler on the Mazda they are known for problems. If in doubt bypass the cooler and add on an auxiliary cooler that will handle at least a 10,000lb vehicle and the transmission should stay together this time. I would look for an older Mercedes, Nissan, or Toyota diesel with a manual transmission if possible if not check the condition of the automatic transmission by smelling of the dipstick a burned or extremely strong smell coupled with dark or brown/black fluid means the transmission is on it’s last leg. You can compare the normal smell of transmission fluid to burnt by getting a bottle of fresh fluid and noting it’s smell, the fluid in a good transmission will be similar in smell and a dark cherry color is O.K. If the fluid is good I would add an auxiliary cooler to ensure durability. I have added one to almost all of my vehicles that only had a radiator type cooler and it will extend the life of the transmission. The biodiesel video is a little quick but I have been making fuel in a homemade saddle tank and a water heater and both work fine. The cone bottom tank in the video is nice but they are selling a product. Take a look at this link, I don’t agree with everything that is posted here but the information on making biodiesel is good and accurate. – Gadget

  2. Hey you can probably pick up a 90’s Toyota Townace for under $10 000

    Or even a later model Toyota diesel van that has been imported on the grey imports market. Parts may be harder to find in future for those though.

    You’ll find a lot of the imports (be them vans or wagons) are offered in diesel. Japan has been producing diesel cars for a fair time, just not selling in the Australian market.

  3. Diesel Merc. Although the old Datsun 280 EconoDiesel might be a laugh.

    Actually watch out for old diesels – a lot of them don’t get the fuel economy of the newer cars that are actually TurboDiesels

  4. Thank guys, all good advice…well mostly (Datsun 280???)
    At the moment I think the Jackaroo turbo diesel looks a go. It does fit in the garage – just. It has 7 seats and a good track record on the Izuzu small truck engine it has.
    I am still keen to find a non 4wd tarago diesel, but someone has warned me about the toyota diesel engine in them being a bit suss.

  5. When we bought our car last year we used the car search guy our credit union had. It was free and he found a great car for us.
    Saved us heaps of hassle.
    But can’t help on type of car sorry.

  6. There is also a Mitsubishi 4wd van that they are importaning 2nd hand (grey import) from Japan….but I wouldn’t buy one, nor would I buy the Tarago…

    I would not buy a non-compliance vehicle…as you will have problems with resale and parts

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