To Pay or Not to Pay #2

Our government seems to be pro-environment, well they do have Pete on board, remember Mr Garrett?
So one would think that they would support people wanting to get a hold of a product that was destined to be poured into a landful and turn it into a non-poluting fuel for a car. You would think hey?

Well lets just see what I need to do to abide by the rules of our government if I want to produce biodiesel.
I need to apply for the privilage to produce my own car fuel.
In order to do this I need to prove that my set up is appropriate (like I would spend $5000 setting it all up only to be told, “nope you don’t get approval on that set up” – I am told only the top line off the factory floor set ups get looked at)
Once I get my production and storage licence I can begin.
Oh wait – I need to pay the ATO money, more than 40 cents for every litre I produce (or that I record that I have produced …settle boy!!).

No problems, they are kind enough to have a grant system.
The system is great, it’s 100% rebate. (why charge the tax in the first place?)

Who is eligable for the grant?
Anyone with a 4 tonne or more vehical (counts me out!)

But lets say I had the vehicle, a small truck.
I would need to proove that my fuel is good enough to qualify for a government rebate, only the highest quality gets the grant 🙂

So they ask for a sample, I give away some of my fuel and they give me in return a $1500 invoice for my trouble! (This has to happen once a year)

So really they don’t want people producing their own fuel, not the little guy at least.

What has been the result?

Many many people here in Perth are blackmarketing their fuel, bootleg fuel!

Funny thing is, that the petrol companies are quiet. They are happy that people are being taxed and discouraged in making their own enviro-fuel – of course they are!
Just like the liquore industry would be mad if home brew was not taxed… wait a minute, home brew isn’t taxed, and the idustry was upset with that decision, but the government went ahead and let people make their own brew – tax free.

So why not let us make environmentally friendly fuel at home?

Oil companies, I tell you, I am hearing consipracy theories!

So, apart from the fact that I have told the whole world on this blog (including the tax department) of my ethical dilemma, I will ask the question –

To Pay (the tax) or not to pay?


3 thoughts on “To Pay or Not to Pay #2

  1. We went through the same issues here in NC other states have different rules from ours it can be quite insane. It will take a grass roots movement to demand that people be able to make their own fuel for their own use legally. If not just what you mention occurs people take matters into their own hands and do it anyway illegally. We must look at it from the point that the oil companies do not want competition that they do not control or have financial ties to. we wrote our representatives and kept on doing it until they agreed, there is such a small number of us in N.C. that are doing this it wasn’t worth their time or paperwork to pursue enforcement. It goes back to the fact that while most drivers and energy consumers will complain to no end about how much it costs, but very few will do anything to change their habits or lifestyles to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels- Gadget

  2. Thanks Gadget. Yes I feel that maybe I need to be a more active voice in this even at a local level with my local member of parliament and state premier (Governor equiv) etc. But I guess I can’t do that if I am illegally brewing, better to protest on the right side of the law, I think!

  3. I would go ahead and make my fuel anyway just keep a low profile about it. The government and the oil companies don’t like the idea of a product that an individual can make that is all around better than petro diesel, cheaper, and can be made from waste oil. The answer to energy is going to come from individuals like yourself willing to provide their own energy needs not the oil companies or government they have too much money to lose – Gadget

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