I have this … like, amazing carbon fibre kayak paddle, it’s worth about $4-$500 and I found it! Yep I found it on the bulk rubbish, you know bulk rubbish where people leave all their unwanted stuff in their carport and out on the back patio!
Seriously, I found it on the side of the road.

Anyway I am taking with me tomorrow to Tasmania, I have an issue with the small plane we are flying on from Melbourne to Devonport, they wont let me take more than 1 bit of luggage.
They quoted me $490 to fly it over there ONE WAY, we are talking 2, 1kg paddles folks, now come on!
So I am just going to turn up at the check in desk and see what they do!!

I could be using my hands to get up the Gordon River.

2 more sleeps until

8 days in the amazing World Heritage Tasmanian South West Wilderness – whoooooo

3 thoughts on “Tasmania…Countdown

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