Oh So Sad

I went for a paddle late this arvo…after the strong South Easterly was well and truly humming and the swell was thumping!
3 of us left the safety of the Hillarys marina walls and launched ourselves into massive breaking swell! We pushed and pushed for about and hour until we turned back to the harbour. Not far off the entrance I capsized and in trying to rescue me, Andrew went in too, Casey tried but with not effect and he said, “I think I will try to save myself, I have the youngest child” or something to that effect 🙂
After trying to self rescue we humbled ourselves and asked a guy on a boat for help. (He had been sitting there waiting for me to swallow my pride!
Once safe back in the boat harbour I thought I would ring Chris to tell her of our adventure…anly to find my waterproof packet for the phone…was not! So I now have no phone, crap that was a good one!
But what a ride!
Saturday morning is the next trip, rotto in a couple of weeks!


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