I ran into an old mate in Broome briefly.
He was the head boy at Churchlands SHS the year before I rose to that prominent place of power myself 🙂 I was on the student council under Steve’s leadership.
I would have to say he was a guy with amazing sensitivity and character, a guy who was able to have a great laugh and muck around yet was able to engage with you one on one at a deep level and left you feeling listened to and understood.
Steve has an Aboriginal heritage and now works in Canberra for Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).
But here’s the thing –
Last night The Joondalup Thing had a guest speaker come, Ian Barnes from Murdoch Uni, he spoke on Global Warming and a believer’s response to all this stuff. It turns out he knows Steve well and has a high regard for him.
When I mentioned that to Steve in an email this morning he replied with the comment –
“I would have to say he [Ian] is someone who I have always regarded as a mentor and role model. In fact, I believe that he is one of the finest human beings I have ever met.”

What is THAT??? You don’t just say that stuff! “Finest human beings ever met”.
Imagine having someone say that about you?
Not that I am striving for everyone to say that about me, but imagine even if just one person in the world thought that about you, what an honour, what a compliment!

It just struck me as so profound a comment.


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