Update on Kayak Trip

Well some of you may know about the “Scott Vawser memorial Kayak expedition”.
“I’m not dead yet…just turning 40…”

Due to me discovering I had more frequent flyer points than I thought I managed to get my trip to Tassie in Jan/Feb for free, this enabled me to spend my 40th birthday gift money on a training kayak, see post below.
We are not taking these from Perth (too pricey) and the drama we have had finding a way to hire Kayaks in Tasmania near where we are paddling is unbelievable!

Finally yesterday Neale M managed to find a shop near him in Melbourne who have promised to hire us the sweetest of boats, skirts, cags, paddles and PFD’s all at a ridiculously low price of $240 each for the week. Think about it – this is our transport and accommodation for 8 days in Tasmania, along with free air, I am getting off on a cheap trip! This shop Neale found has even offered to help stack the boats in such a way that we wont need to hire racks, the ones on the guy’s cars are good enough he said.

So midnight on Sat 25th Jan we fly out from Perth, myself, Andrew and Stuart, we meet with the 4 from Melbourne in Devonport after they exit the ferry with the boats.
Then we head on down to wet and windy Straughn on the wild west Coast to head out after lunch for a paddle across the mouth of the Maquarrie harbor to camp South of Straughn on night one.

Day 2 will see us visit Sarah Is (For the Term of His Natural Life…remember?) and up the first section of the Gordon river.

Day 3 – 5 will see us paddle up stream towards the Franklin river and the site of that great victory Bob Brown and the Greens had over the Federal Govt. In the “No Dams” deal – Whooo

Days 5 – 8 will see see us back down the Gordon and exploring the East coast of the Harbour, lots of little bays and abandoned town sites.
And the back to Straughn and home by the 5th Feb.

They say about 4 day a year is does NOT rain down in this section of the World Heritage listed wilderness of Southern Tassie…cold, windy, but so stunningly beautiful that the cold and wet go unnoticed…well kinda 🙂


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