Love Rules

Folks, you need to see this example of the love of Christ at work in our city.
Seriously, if you are wanting someone to come and share with your family, your church, your small group, your youth ministry, your elderly congregation, your play group mums, your craft group, you left wing anti-nuclear group, your right wing people for high morals group, your men’s wood working group, ladies bible study group…your whatever group – Jarrod McKenna will bless you and challenge you to think more deeply about living out the message of Christ in ‘real life’ tangible ways.
email me [Scott] for Jarrod’s contact details.

Click here for the full story.


17 thoughts on “Love Rules

  1. Lance, did you read Jarrod’s post?

    My post was just a general grouping of all sorts of ‘labels’ I could find off the top of my head.
    You are acting sensitive.( as I no doubt am now)
    If you were joking (sometimes written words are hard to read tone) I apologize for my next comment…
    If you were serious I know we are kinda mates, or associates, but even if you were my closest mate I would still say you are acting like a freakin’ wanker!
    Now what would you like to dialogue about?
    Your friend

  2. Maybe you should have included the line “left wing tree hugging vego eating earth over people loving hippie group” just to make sure you have equally insulted everyone, and so cannot be accused of bias…..


    But I concour, after reading that story, I was blessed at what God is doing on the quiet in Lockridge.

  3. Thanks for pointing us to that story. It’s always a little unsettling to see people doing this stuff, it makes my own little struggles seem petty. Nice to see what Jarrod’s up to nowadays too.

  4. hey, don’t men have bible study groups and women have wood working groups and leftys like me have high morals…oh…ok…yep, good ‘labels’.


    and cheers to old Friend, Jarrod

  5. Well I did put the ‘extreems’ in…Left wing anti nuclear group was meant to represent one end of the spectrum.
    I honestly meant no harm in the right wing comment. I can add “hippie tree huggers’ if the soft of heart highly sensitive would like this added! jeeez
    So much for me being the ultimate moderator Garry!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yes, I read Jarrod’s post. Did you? I just found it peculiar that in a post paying tribute to a peacemaker, you decided to give a cheap shot to a group you disagree with. And, when those kinds of tactics are used, it is much harder for groups who disagree with one another to talk with one another and form a better relationship forged in mutual love and respect.

    Also, what does my comment have to do with masturbation?

  7. The cheap shot at a group I disagree with?
    By that I am guessing you mean the nuclear disarmament left wingers?
    As I happen to not count my self as one of these, I happen to think Nuclear power has some merit. An contrary to what you might think I don’t count my self as a ‘leftie’.
    Ok, maybe a leaning.
    Most people would have seen my collection off ‘labels’ as simply saying “No matter what type of group or bias you have, Jarrod could speak and you would hear a wonderful message”
    I think I will leave your other question.

  8. Lance – i withheld my comments till you verified the meaning behind your post (hoping you would ensure us you merely ‘having a go’), but now that you have actually confirmed you were serious….. You are being an absolute tosser!

    How did you miss the point of Scott’s post? Anyone without a need to “find a problem” would easily have seen Scott was merely trying to show that regardless of your personal passions, beliefs etc, Jarrod would be able to add life to a part of your journey.

    if you can’t refrain from needing to create an enemy out of nothing, you may be the one who is blocking dialogue.

    relax a bit and you’ll enjoy the journey a lot more ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lighten up mate.

  9. I am sorry that I have misinterpreted the sentence in your post. If I have made an enemy, as Udderendup suggests, that is highly regretable and not my intent.

    This wanker, tosser, and soft of heart (OK, that name I likey!) humbly asks your forgiveness.

  10. hey lance, this is an honest question and feel free to pass, but now that you know Scott’s intention for his original posting, why do you think you were drawn in to being offended so easily? That is not sarcastic – it really is seeking that dialogue you mentioned earlier.

    but like i said, pass if you want.

  11. No worries Lance, forgiven.
    Curious to your response to OEU question.
    Also – seriously, if I ever look like I am ‘refusing to enter a dialouge’ you wish me to engage in let me know…nicely, and I wont call you names ๐Ÿ™‚

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