Morning Paddle

Stunning morning on the water. Was down there at 6.30am with Andrew, Geoff, Rob and Scotty.
The sea was glass, the conversation smooth.

Oh by the way, I managed to find a cheap boat (new) and borrow the difference for a year or so. I found the cash as I was going to spend money on air fares to Tassie and didn’t need to as I found FF points …in case you were wondering I bought it before BUY NOTHING DAY started 🙂
(Truth be told I bought 2! A mate rang, he works over seas and is coming to Tassie as well and was keen on the bargain!)
So this becomes my 40th birthday gift to me!

She is the orange boat, and her name is Brittany, which everyone teased me about, but that is the name, the model – A Riot Brittany.


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