The Adventure Begins…

Some of you may be aware I am going to Tassie on a Kayaking adventure in January. This is to celebrate my 40th Birthday (19th Dec).
Here is the first group email that has gone out to our gang travelling up the Gordon River, just thought you may be interested in the journey!

Welcome to the Great Tasmanian Kayak Tour!

In just over 9 week’s time on the 26th January – Australia Day, we will be meeting up in Devonport
to begin our great adventure into the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.

Our 9 days will see us leaving from Strahan sometime after lunch on Sat 26th heading across
& then down Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River as far as time will allow.
We plan to take it somewhat easy, and have allowed time for some exploring of places such as Sarah Island, Sir John Falls & Piners Landing.
We need to be back at Strahan by lunch time on Monday 4th for the Melbourne group to catch the boat home

Let me start by introducing the crew

Scott Vawser – Perth
Andrew – Perth
Stuart – Perth
Jason – Melbourne
Dean – Melbourne
Bart – Melbourne
Neale Meredith – Melbourne

With 7 of us on the trip we will need to break up into 3 smaller groups for safety, sharing the load, cooking & sleeping.
The suggested groupings are the Perth crew; Dean & Bart & then Jason & Neale.

I have attached a Gear Checklist that Scott has compiled from various websites.
Please feel free to add anything that you feel is necessary. Remember we only have limited space in our boats & weight will be an issue.

Also – Maybe someone could throw some dummy menus around to give us some ‘food for thought’.

There is some equipment that we will only need one or two of between us eg an EPIRB & some 2-ways. Thanks Stuart for looking into these for us. Anyone else yell out if you have access to these.

There are also a number of other links to sites which have articles, trip notes, pictures & other interesting facts you might be interested in.

That’s all for now, It’s great to have you aboard. Happy training.


(Sounds like a blast hey!!)


3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins…

  1. surely you are going to start an adventure blog for this trip, with all tram members having access to contributing over the life of this extreme adventure…

    go on, you know you want to…..

  2. Vawz you want one of these goodies from Garmin mate:

    Answer the call of the wild with Rino 110 — a waterproof, rugged FRS/GMRS radio plus GPS navigator.

    Find Your Friends
    Rino 110 combines two-way radio and GPS features to help you communicate with your partners and find them easily. Using Rino’s unique Position Reporting feature, you can send your exact location to other Rino users in your group, so they can see your precise location on the map page.

    As you can imagine, this feature can be a real lifesaver in an emergency, but it’s also handy anytime you need to round up family and friends at an amusement park or other outdoor activity. And, because Rino is a standard FRS/GMRS radio, you can use it to communicate with any other conventional FRS/GMRS radio around.

    Save Favorite Places
    Rino 110 can save up to 500 of your favorite places in memory as waypoints so you can visit them later, and it has a built-in city point data base. Or, you can use Rino’s 1 megabyte (MB) of internal memory to load other points of interest data from compatible MapSource® products.

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